Blackberry expects around $950 million loss for this quarter


Blackberry is not in good shape. The company is laying-off 4,500 employee and the sales of mobile devices are not so good especially with the aggressive competition by Apple, Samsung and others for a piece of the mobile devices market share.

We knew that the company is in trouble, but the latest projections for the last quarter announced in a statement by Blackberry report an expected operating loss of $950 million to $995 million.

The company also reported that they have sold about 3,7 million smartphones in the second quarter. Most of are older phones. The company also stated a reduction of the phones they plan to offer:

“smartphone portfolio will transition from 6 devices to 4; focusing on enterprise and prosumer-centric devices, including 2 high-end devices and 2 entry-level devices.”

According to IDC, Blackberry now has about three percent market share. Blackberry share prices were down over 20 percent today after the company released its projections.