Google Search Tips (Infographic)

Google Search is present on all devices we use in our everyday life. Whether it is a desktop computer with Windows 8, Mac X or Linux, Mobile devices running Apple iOS, Android OS, Windows Phone or any of the other OS’S. They all have one thing in common.

Google Search is present in all these devices and it is a reliable and fast source of knowledge that we have come to depend on and use in our daily routines.

When we want to know something we perform a Google Search. But do we really know how to search in Google efficiently? Turns out that we do not, at least most of us.

Here is a useful Infographic prepared by HackCollege that tries to educate and help us in refining our Googling skills by supplying us with useful tips and tricks. It was prepared to help students with conducting online research, but I believe this will come very useful to all of us.
So here it is, enjoy.


Tomislav Savov

Founder and Editor-in-Chief at RainmakerTom

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