Facebook Graph Search Now Available to Everyone using US English

Facebook has been working hard on providing the powerful capabilities of Graph Search to everyone. Starting today, Facebook Graph Search is available to all users. At least the ones that are using Facebook in US English. This is a powerful and useful addition.

Graph Search appears as a larger search bar at the top of the page. Here you can write a query say, ” Who are my friends in Sofia, Bulgaria” and voila you get a pretty good response.

You can find many, different uses for Facebook Graph Search. Finding photos, friends with birthdays, places, interests, companies that provide a specific product and much more. Write the question, choose or refine the suggestions offered in real-time and “voila”. You get pretty good answers.

Note that you have to review and adjust your privacy controls. Back in December Facebook introduced new privacy controls and announced that they are retiring the old “who can look up my timeline by name?” setting in the coming months. Now that people have had an opportunity to explore those tools, Facebook is starting to retire this setting for the small percentage of people that use it.

Facebook is not stopping there. The Facebook team continues to work on other improvements to Graph Search, such as searching for posts, comments and mobile.

Go ahead. Check it out if you hadn’t already. Let’s hear what you think of Facebook Graph Search.

Tomislav Savov

Founder and Editor-in-Chief at RainmakerTom

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